Web Design For Businesses

Growing your business is hard work, we've got your back.


For A Website That Looks Great Anywhere

We'll give you a website which has a clean modern design, clear navigation and is mobile and tablet ready. No headaches.


For A Website That Needs Less Maintenance

Your new website will be easy to update and manage, and adding new content will be easy with our drag and drop builder.


For A Website That Generates Qualified Leads

Above all, your website needs to help your business grow. Capture new leads automatically and engage with new customers easily.

This Smart Website Package Features

WordPress - a content management system that's trusted by over 10 million businesses around the world to provide flexibility and a user friendly experience.

1 Year of Hosting - We're a licensed hosting provider and we'll include a years worth of free hosting with each website we build. It comes with unlimited website storage, unlimited emails and comprehensive support. If you'd prefer to use your own hosting, that's fine too!

1 Year of Maintenance - We'll make sure your website is secure, up to date and backed up at regular intervals making sure you don't lose any data or suffer any down time.

Drag & Drop Builder - We use agency-grade frontend drag and drop editing software so you'll be able to update your content yourself. Now you won't be locked into expensive designer bills for minor changes, reducing your overall overhead.

Backups - Keeping your data safe, secure and retrievable is critical. We'll make sure regular backups are easy to capture and restore. These will be locked away securely on our remote hosting system.

Security - Websites are vulnerable to intrusion. We'll install water-tight security software on your site and use server-side firewall protection to make sure your business is never derailed.

Speed Optimisation - We use agency-grade speed optimisation software on all website builds. This important for visitors to your site and benefits your search rankings on Google (*other search engines are available).

Mobile Responsive - With more searches being performed on a mobile or tablet device than ever before, you need to make sure your website is viewable across multiple platforms.

Lead Capture - As a business, new customers are your lifeblood. Engage and communicate with your new and existing clients using smart lead capture forms and integrations into MailChimp and other platforms.

Lead Dashboard - Capture each lead automatically into a single dashboard showing you who they are, how they found you and how to get in contact with them. Suddenly, managing new leads became a lot easier.

Enhanced Visitor Statistics - We'll provide a stripped down summary which includes: How many visitors are coming to your website? Where are they coming from? And which pages are they visiting? The information you need to make ever-better content.

With a straightforward development process


Preparation to Discuss Objectives

We'll have an initial meeting to really understand how your business works and what your needs are - and of course, what results you want to see (These are normally Skype meetings unless otherwise arranged)



User Journey & Design Development

In the early stages we'll look into the user's experience on the site, including appearance, layout and messaging. We'd be glad to have your input at every stage.


Web Implementation

Once we've built a great user experience and have a design style in mind, we'll get to work building and developing your new website.


Testing, Tweaks and Corrections

We like to be thorough. The last stage is purely for testing, tweaking and additions until you are 100% happy. Finally, we'll transfer the site to a web server to make your design live.


Let's get the ball rolling!

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Lead Form Startup Business

Who is this package not right for?

This package is for companies without an existing website, who just need something to get themselves up and running. It's also for small companies who are unhappy with their current website and who want to learn more about how to build a sustainable, steadily growing business. This package is also suitable for hobby businesses that turnover less than £12,000/year, if you aspire to grow your business beyond this milestone. If you've been established a few years and have a medium to large website, this package isn't right for you - instead you should check out our 'Growing Business' package.

Should I just tweak my current website?

Working with outdated code, locked into terrible layout, problematic updates and maintenance… Tweaking your current website is usually slower than rebuilding it from scratch and it might just be masking problems which surface later on. A full redesign gives you full control over the results, and it’s where we can do the most good for your business.

Why us, why now?

Any agency can sell you a good design, but at the end of the process, you’ll be left scratching your head wondering what to do to promote your business and get more customers. Our business knowledge is really what makes us different. Using our expertise in business, marketing and design, we’ll provide a smart redesign of your current website and look after you while you use it to build and grow your business. Simply put, we put our money where our mouth is. A good website generates a steady stream of leads for your business. It informs your customers, provides valuable information, and earns their trust. A bad website does just the opposite. Why lose more leads?